Distorted priorities: The proposed 2012 national budget under scrutiny

(This report was first published in print in issue 15 of the Philippine Collegian on 06 October 2011.)

by Isabella Patricia Borlaza

In his 2012 national budget message, President Benigno Aquino III dubbed the proposed 2012 national budget as a “results-focused budget,” embodying the “commitment to uplift the poor from poverty through honest and effective governance.”

However, the following figures reveal where his administration’s priorities really lie:

Meager subsidy

Total proposed national budget for 2012: P1.816 trillion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Approved national budget this year: P1.645 trillion

Percent increase of 2012 national budget from the 2011 national budget: 10. 39

Estimated total population of the country, according to the National Statistics Office: 94.01 million

Budget for social services in 2012, which include the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program: P573.5 billion

Percentage of the 2012 proposed national budget allotted to social services: 31.7

Amount the government will spend for social services per person per day, based on the 2012 budget: P16.70

Current price of a can of sardines: P13-P17

Budget for health in 2012: P42.69 billion

Budget for health in 2011: P32.427 billion

Percentage increase: 31.6

Health budget per person per day: P1.33

Price of one paracetamol tablet in a Botika ng Barangay: around P1

Budget for the Department of Education (DepEd) in 2012: P238.8 billion

Percentage of the 2012 proposed national budget allotted to DepEd: 13.15

Government spending for basic education per student per day in real value: P24.97

Current price of one pad of ruled paper for Grade I pupils: P25

Budget for debt servicing in 2012: P367 billion

Percentage of the 2012 proposed national budget allotted to debt servicing: 19.6 percent

Amount the government is spending to pay for debt per person per day: P10.72

Budget for military operations in 2012: P107.9 billion

Percentage of the 2012 proposed national budget allotted to military operations: 6.2 percent

Budget for military operations per person per day: P3.14

Dubious increases

Budget for Department for Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) next year: P53.6 billion

Budget for DSWD in 2011: P34.3 billion

Percent increase of 2012 DSWD budget from 2011 budget: 56

Budget for Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) in 2012: P39.5 billion

Percent of DSWD budget allotted for CCTs: 73.69

Budget for CCTs last year: P29.2 billion

Percent increase of 2012 budget from current budget for CCTs: 35.27

Target number of CCT beneficiaries for 2012: 3 million households

Number of Filipinos below the poverty threshold of P46 in 2009 according to the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB): 1 in 4

Maximum amount CCT beneficiaries receive per month: P1, 400

Amount needed by a family of six living in Metro Manila to survive decently per day, according to the NSCB: P917

Maximum number of years a family will be supported by CCT: 5

Number of years of primary and secondary schooling in the K+12 program: 12


Estimated population of public school enrollees for 2011: 25.81 million

Population of public school enrollees for 2010: 19.32 million

Estimated budget per year for K+12 implementation: P20 billion

Number of Kinder enrollees for June 2011:1.9 million

Ratio of Kinder students to one textbook: five to one

Salary of a Teacher 1 per month: P15,645

Salary of a cadet officer per month: P21,709

Budget for feeding program under the Arroyo administration in 2010: P225 million

Budget for feeding program under the Aquino administration: none

Budget for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in 2012: P21.89 billion

Budget for SUCs in 2011: P22.03 billion

Original proposed budget of SUCs administrations: P62 billion

Percentage of approved budget for SUCs: 35.3

Amount the government will spend per public college student in 2012: P8,229.32

Amount needed by a Bracket B UP student who will enroll 18 units for one semester: more than P20,000

Average total budgetary requirements of 110 SUCs: P32 billion

Average total budgetary requirements provided by the government for the last five years: P23 billion

Average internal income of SUCs: P11 billion

Average internal income from students: P4 billion

Number of SUCs that will sustain their cuts: 50

Combined cut for 51 out of 112: P574 million

Total of budget cut in Personnel Services (PS) in 58 SUCs: P403.3 million

Maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) cut in 45 SUC’s: P250.9 million

Allotted budget for capital outlay (CO) for new projects: none

CO for the Office of the President: P150.6 million

UP’s proposed budget for 2012: P17.1 billion

Approved budget for UP by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for 2012: P5.54 billion

Percent of UP’s budget proposal approved by DBM: 22

Budget for UP in 2011 under the General Appropriations Act: P5.75 billion

Net decrease of government allocation for UP: P208 million

Amount set aside for Philhealth from the 2012 health budget: P12.028 billion

Percentage of Filipinos covered by Philhealth in 2010 according to the government: 87 percent

Percentage of Filipinos covered by Philhealth in 2010 according to the joint Department of Health-Philhealth Benefit delivery review: 56 percent

Number of specialty hospitals in the NCR: 12

Number of specialty hospitals in the NCR with budget cuts in the PS: 5

Total cut in PS of its five hospitals: P80.6 million

Number of regional hospitals nationwide: 54

Number of regional hospitals nationwide with budget cuts in the PS: 16

Total cut in PS of 16 regional hospitals: P29.2 million

Total cut for health facilities development: P2.1 billion


Amount set aside from social services fund for Private Partnership Projects (PPPs) for 2012: P8 billion

Amount set aside from health budget for PPPs: P3 billion

Amount set aside from DOTC budget for PPPs: P8.6 billion

DepEd funding for new facilities for PPPs: P17.4 billion

Amount set aside from DepEd budget for PPPs: P5 billion


Large discretionary funds

Presidential Communications Office fund for 2012: P35.5 million

Budget allotment for Apayao State College for 2012: P36.8 million

Office of the President’s intelligence funds for 2012: P666 million

Number of classrooms that can be built using the said intelligence fund: more than 2,600

Contingent Funds of 2012 or funds administered by the Office of the President used exclusively to fund the requirements of new and/urgent projects and activities: P1 billion

Calamity Funds of 2012 for typhoons and other calamities: P7.5 billion

Lawmakers Priority Development Assistance Funds of 2012 more known as the pork barrel or Malacanang’s dole-out to lawmakers: P24.89 billion

Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF) for 2012: P101.9 billion

Unprogrammed funds for 2012: P161.69 billion

Total amount needed by SUCs to make public tertiary education free, based on DBM’s 2012 Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Financing: only P8.8 billion


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