‘Unable to pay tuition, UPM freshie commits suicide’

by Victor Gregor Limon

A 16-year old UP Manila (UPM) Behavioral Science freshman was declared dead-on-arrival at around 3:30 AM today at the Metropolitan Medical Center (MMC), after she committed suicide at her family residence in Tondo, Manila, said UPM Professor Andrea Martinez, the student’s program adviser.

The said student committed suicide a few days after she filed for a leave of absence (LOA) on March 13. “[Pagkatapos niyang mag-file], nakapag-usap kami [sa text] at sinabi niyang malungkot siya at napakalaki ng  epekto  sa buhay niya at ng pamilya niya ng pag-LOA niya,” Martinez said in a phone interview with the Collegian.

Assigned  into Bracket D of the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP), the student was forced to file for a LOA, because she could not afford to pay her tuition and her request for a tuition loan has been denied by the UPM loan board, Martinez said.

Bracket D students of the STFAP pay P300 per unit, or around P7,500 for a semester with 18 units, including miscellaneous fees. The said student had already filed for re-bracketing but the results of her appeal will not take effect until the next academic year, Martinez added.

Martinez said the student has no longer been attending classes since February because she was depressed and embarrassed because she is not officially enrolled. “Nahihiya pa nga siya sa mga kaklase niya na kailangan niyang mag-file ng LOA at magtrabaho para makaipon ng pambayad ng tuition sa June.”

“Since the STFAP has been revised, lalong nag-increase ang tuition ng UP. Every student should be able to study in UP regardless of their financial situation. The UP administration should not deprive them of their right to education,”  Martinez added.

In November 2012, the UPM administration barred students who failed to pay tuition on time from being admitted to their classes. The said students were eventually allowed to attend their classes after a dialogue with UPM officials, but some students had already been forced to file for a LOA, according to reports from the Office of the Student Regent (SR).

The student’s father works as a part-time taxi driver, while her mother is unemployed. She is the eldest among five siblings. As of press time, the student’s family has declined to release an official statement.

“This is a sad and outrageous moment for us iskolars ng bayan. In behalf of the UP students, I express sympathy to the family and friends of [the student]. [She] will always be remembered in our continuous fight to realize the youth’s right to education,” said SR Cleve Arguelles.

The said student’s suicide exposes that the cost of education in UP has become expensive for many and discriminates those who cannot afford it, Arguelles said. “As we seek justice for the death of [the said student], let’s be unified in our call to repeal the ‘Forced LOA policy’ in UPM and  [the tuition hike in 2006], as we also make the UP administration accountable [for what happened],” he added.

In a statement released to the Collegian, the UPM administration said they deeply mourn the death of the student and that they have offered their condolences through UPM Office of Student Affairs Director Libertine Achanzar-Labor. The UPM administration also said they are extending financial assistance to the family.

“As we continue the pursuit of excellence and relevance in our programs and services, we commemorate [the said student’s] life as a student even for just a short time and always remember her desire to be a good student and daughter. Each of us will react to [her] death in our own way.  [She] has touched our lives in her unique way and for that, we will always be grateful,” the statement read.


* An earlier version of this article included the identity of the said UPM student. We sincerely apologize for the oversight and have since made necessary revisions to this news report. We strongly encourage everyone to refrain from posting any status, photo, or link, which reveals the identity of the said student.

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182 Comments for “‘Unable to pay tuition, UPM freshie commits suicide’”

  1. Hi, although I’m all for lower tuition fees, the article is extremely distasteful. She was mentally ill, suffering from depression, and the only thing you can yap about is the higher cost of tuition in UP. A woman just died. Please be more respectful of the dead. RIP.

    • If she was truly suffering from a mental illness, I think the writers indeed have the responsibility to mention it in their articles. But do you have at least any source that can prove it here? Thanks.

    • It was not indicated that she was mentally ill. “Branding” her as such would automatically put her in a negative light for most readers. Social norms would cause most people to think that she committed suicide primarily because she wasn’t tough enough to handle the stress. As such, I find it better that this article highlighted the main trigger of her psychological breakdown. It even acts like a wake-up call to the administration for them to rethink the serious repercussions of their actions towards UP students, as well as those hoping to be one.

      Life inside the university is already hard enough that a lot of people give up halfway, sometimes even less. To put another barricade between the finish line and the students, particularly something that is often not within the control of the students, is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. No wonder people nowadays don’t even look at UP as a state university.

    • I agree with you.

      A person who wants to secure her future that she badly wants to study and a person who opted to end her life because she was not able to enroll. It just doesn’t make sense. She obviously had other issues.

      It’s not UP’s fault that she killed herself. But, yes, it’s a shame that there aren’t a lot of payment options for students who couldn’t afford the tuition.

      Sa mga nakikisakay sa issue (at naghahanap ng masisisi), ang dapat sisihin dito kung meron man, ay ang mga magulang niya. Nagkulang sila sa pangaral, paalala, at pagpapalakas ng loob ng anak nila.

      I went through the same thing. I even had to skip the first two weeks of my first year because we couldn’t afford the tuition (6,175 pesos). What went through my mind was if I won’t be able to enroll, I would work.

      • Shame on you. To blatantly say that we should blame her parents for not educating her enough is just cruel. Nagdadalamhati na nga yung mga magulang may lakas ka pa ng loob sabihing kasalanan nila.

        • It’s not that the parents did not educate her enough; clearly the girl was smart enough to get into UP through what we can assume were her own efforts. What Kei is trying to say I think is that the parents were negligent in addressing the situation, both on the payment end of the problem, and on the girl’s mental state. Di ko na ieelaborate yung payment problem kasi obvious naman kung bakit di nakapagbayad yung family.

          I am not saying that it is the parents’ fault that she died (and I don’t think Kei means that as well) but if there was anyone that could have detected the problem early enough, it would be the parents. According to the article, the mother was unemployed; if we can assume that she is a housewife taking care of the house, we can safely say that she spends time enough with her kids to know what they are like when they are happy, sad or unstable. If the girl was displaying suicidal tendencies even at home, the mother (or even the dad, if he goes home to see his kids every so often) should have noticed at some point.

          And on the subject of suicide: being suicidal is not a mental illness and should not be treated as such. Being suicidal is a state of mind and self that a person is forced into because of extreme circumstances, which in the case of our student, were not totally within her own control. Taking your own life is a way of saying na di mo na kaya yung paghihirap na niraranasan mo ngayon. That is not mental illness, that is a cry for help, which went unheeded.

          • benjie del rosario

            Sorry but being suicidal is a sign of mental illness…

            • Suicide is a cause of death. Adverse or traumatic life events can lead to suicide. Mental illness is usually the reason for suicide, but there is no proof that the student was mentally ill.

              So sorry but your info is wrong, go research.

              • this is a lame act of humanizing the UP Administration


            • You might as well want to read Philip Zimbardo, the social-psychologist clearly demonstrating how an unhealthy society (suffering from poverty and corruption) can affect an individual’s behavior, So yes, we can blame high school fees, poverty, corruption, and deprivation of the basic human rights to education for the mental illness the student suffered and which led her to commit suicide…

        • It isn’t her parents’ fault. Suicide is a selfish and self-centered way to deal with one’s problems. It is sad that she wasn’t able to pay for her tuition, but I can bet you that the only person she was thinking before committing suicide was herself.

          • It is so insensitve and ignorant to brand a suicidal person as selfish and self-centered. You’d have to have experienced severe depression to understand that these people have things going on inside their mind that impair their reasoning and believe that they are nothing but helpless. Judgement is the last thing they need. We should be on their side and sympathize with them and offer support. She should have undergone counseling and maybe even medical treatment to prevent this. Sadly it’s too late. I, too agree that her parents seem neglectful for having missed seeing the signs of her suicide ideation and for not not doing their job right of supporting her enough financially because she is only 16.

          • Please, you do not totally know what she has gone through. I know all of us have been through hard times but to judge another person about her weakness is just inappropriate and absurd. You will never know what has driven her to resort to that decision unless you put yourself in her shoes.

        • Intelligently stay within context, will you?

      • Kei, you said na “Sa mga nakikisakay sa issue (at naghahanap ng masisisi), ang dapat sisihin dito kung meron man, ay ang mga magulang niya. Nagkulang sila sa pangaral, paalala, at pagpapalakas ng loob ng anak nila.”

        Mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo, siguro ang yaman mo at hindi mo nararanasan yung paghihirap nila para maitaguyod yung buhay nila at yung edukasyon ng bawat anak nila.

        Wala ako masabi sayo, tama bang sisihin yung magulang? Alam ko lahat ng magulang ginagawa lahat para mabigyan ng tamang buhay yung pamilya nila lalo na yung anak nila na ay ang pag asa nila na makaahon sila.

        Isip isipin mo din naman. Di lahat ng tao gusto mag trabaho din at the same time, so think again before you comment such things.

        • “Alam ko LAHAT ng magulang ginagawa lahat para mabigyan ng tamang buhay yung pamilya nila lalo na yung anak nila na ay ang pag asa nila na makaahon sila.” – omniscient much?
          “Isip isipin mo din naman. Di lahat ng tao gusto mag trabaho din at the same time, so think again before you comment such things” – isipin mo din sana na may ibang tao na iba mag-isip sau…napaka-hypocrite mo naman

          • Di mo kasi naranasan na isang kahig isang tuka… Kung paano hahanapin ang isusubo sa susunod na kainan. Hayzzzz. Kawawa ka naman na ganoon kakitid ang utak mo.

        • “Wala ako masabi sayo, tama bang sisihin yung magulang? Alam ko lahat ng magulang ginagawa lahat para mabigyan ng tamang buhay yung pamilya nila lalo na yung anak nila na ay ang pag asa nila na makaahon sila.”
          -this is not always true. may mga magulang talaga na walang pakialam sa anak nila. pero mali nga yang generalization na “sisihin ang magulang.” to be honest, ang may problem dito ay yung student. ngayon, kung bakit niya ginawa yun mahirap talaga yun sagutin at hindi nga tayo mauubusan ng sisisihin.

          madaming factors at hindi pwedeng i-blame lang solely sa UP tuition fee or magulang kung bakit niya ginawa yun. we can blame her parents, lalo na siguro she did this at home. we can blame her friends too for not being there. we can blame the media for depicting too many suicides. we can blame the school’s guidance counselors or administrators. hindi tayo mauubusan talaga ng masisisi.

        • Una, dumaan kami sa mas mahirap pa na kalagayan…
          Pangalawa, kung lahat ay “gagawin ng magulang” (gaya ng sinabi mo) ‘di dapat sana’y na-agapan bago humantong sa di dapat? O di kaya’y natugunan ng katuwiran habang malayo pa ang kagipitan?

        • Hello?? can you broaden your mind?? not all parents will do everything for their children! there are parents who do not care, and selfish! I know lots of families who are like that! What kei’s trying to say is, the parents could have helped her get though kung ano man pinagdadaanan nya! and its really true! 16 years old palang xa and that’s a crucial stage in one’s milestone. depression is not something that happens overnight! it develops, days, weeks, months.. and during those times the parent could have guided her. Besides, if she really wants to finish school she could have transferred in a cheaper one, or maybe work at the same time. I totally agree that they should not magnify the issue and just merely blaming it on UP!!

          “Isip isipin mo din naman. Di lahat ng tao gusto mag trabaho din at the same time, so think again before you comment such things”

          c’mon!! if you have financial problems you will think ways to get money and that’s just through working your ass off. there are lots of solution to the ” not being able to pay tuition” problem. the problem was,she was not able to survive from all the things that she have been through, big problems and troubles happen to all of us in many diff ways and it depends on how will we get through them, the student could have had “support system” (parents, friends, teachers..)

          so we could really not blame UP for this!

      • Totally insane to put the blame on her parents. -.- Ikaw ang nakikisakay sa issue. So shush.

        She was 16! A freshie. At dumaan agad sa maraming appeals na dineny ng admin. Reason enough para maglaslas. How can they not be lenient over the payments and stuff? :/

        • Enough reason para maglaslas? Is that something you would tell your children someday? Is that something you will let them hear you say? Please think about your comment again. Don’t be too emotional.

          What I meant by nakikisawsaw are the people just waiting for something to use against the UP Admin.. the government. Those who are saying that UP ‘murdered’ her. But if you think posting my opinion is pakikisawsaw, well then, welcome to the club.

          • I am not from UP so I have no one to defend. But I totally agree with you!! mas maraming tao ang mas mabigat ang pinagdaanan.. kung pera lang mau solution, we only know one of the reasons why she committed suicide ( unable to pay) which has lots of solutions. the only thing is people should not blame everything to UP!

    • Some of us would say she was mentally ill because she committed suicide and because our social standards only influenced us to believe that it is always a case of insanity to commit suicide. For me she is a very courageous person with dignity because she was able to let us realize even at the expense of her own life that the system is no longer serving its purpose for the people specially the poor ones. Now I’d like to challenge you pips out there who have been saying that she was mentally ill to try to commit suicide in order to prove that she was really mentally ill.

      • Imba to mag-isip ah…..Nagjojoke ka ba? Her suicide as a “mental illness” depends on a person’s belief. Malalaman mo kung ano ang “mentally ill” kung alam mo kung ano ang “mentally healthy”. Other people believe na ang pagharap sa problema ay sign ng healthy mind. Therefore, yung mga nagpapakamatay ay otherwise. Tas brave? ok. opinyon mo yun e.

      • No one can prove that now. But majority of suicides occur because of mental illness. And the number one cause for such is untreated depression. But now that she already committed suicide, we can’t prove she is mentally ill and this won’t change anything.

      • Literal naman yung meaning mo ng metal illness, hindi naman ibig sabihin na baliw agad. depression is one factor that can contribute into such stage na “baliw” depression is an early stage of mental illness.. I challenge you too.. since idea mong magchallege ng tao na magpakamatay, unahan mo nalang!!

    • depression is not just some illness that a person is born with. If she did experience depression, it wasn’t just because she was “mentally ill”, it was because of what was happening to her. She did not commit suicide for no reason.

      And accdg to her adviser, “nakapag-usap kami [sa text] at sinabi niyang malungkot siya at napakalaki ng epekto sa buhay niya at ng pamilya niya ng pag-LOA niya” meaning it isn’t just what she thinks, it’s what the student had told her.

    • nathalie dagmang

      and in my opinion, kule is being more respectful by acknowledging the cause of the student’s suicide than you calling her a mentally ill person.

    • Excuse me lang po… I believe this article by the Philippine Collegian is very objective, stating only the facts of the incident. I did not see any statement here saying that she is “mentally ill” and if that is an inference, no problem but please be careful po of saying those things not written.

      RIP kapatid na Iska. Will be praying for you.

    • You are adding insult to injury

  2. Jimmy Melendrez

    @Reinier. It would be disrespectful and distasteful if the article would just show how “mentally ill” and “depressed” the woman is without discussing what might be the main issue surrounding her death. Otherwise, it would leave the reader with the idea that she is just “mentally ill and suffering from depression” as you have easily concluded that’s why she committed suicide.

    Which in effect gives a hint she would never think of ending her own life if she is NOT ” mentally ill and sufferring from depression”. And by that you just put the blame on her being, not on the situation she’s in.

    You want the reader to have that impression of her? That is bad taste for me.

    • You have one quoted source, an adviser, about why she thinks the young woman killed herself.

      I personally think that’s a real flimsy reason. She might be depressed for other reasons, she might be getting abused at home, she might be scared of a myriad of other things. But now it would be much harder to find why she really killed herself because of the slant the Collegian in my opinion irresponsibly put into this.

      First, before writing a substantial article, a reporter should verify his sources, and certainly in cases like this actually get a statement from the family before going on a long tangent on tuition fees.

  3. Hello Kule parang nabasa ko kanina na sinabi ni Carl Ramota “Bracket B” sya. she filed for Bracke E but was denied.. pakicheck nalang :)

  4. I see nothing distasteful or disrespectful about the article. To honor her memory is to seek justice for the rights that she was denied by the UP Manila administration. Will we wait for another case similar to this before we open our eyes that FLOA is indeed real?

    UP Manila students pray for her and her family, and continually seek that the right to education is given to all Iskolars ng Bayan, regardless of financial position.

  5. Dear UP,

    You should be “the nation’s premier university,” not the one encouraging students to file Leave of Absence just because they could not meet the deadline of tuition payment. You should be the one sheltering the scholars of our nation, not the weed impeding their previlege to grow. You should be the institution to UP*lift their idealism, not the one to derail their way. You should be a firsthand epitome to any other State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), not a goon to them.

    I couldn’t help sighing. When this student was dying, UP admin was sleeping. I’m not putting the blame on UP, I have no rights to. I’m just trying to at least touch a part of its soul to reconsider its stance. Relive it. Walk its talk.

    Wake up—- UP. Please do wake UP.

    • I don’t think UP admin is sleeping and you can’t blame the administration. If hindi nagbabayad ng tuition fee ang students, bababa ang quality ng education sa UP. Several years from now, hindi na matatalino ang nasa UP kasi pangit ang facilities, nagsi-alisan na ang mga guro, at paaral na lang ng paaral sa mga studyante. Maraming studyante sa UP ang pabaya sa pagaaral. Kung sobrang mura ng edukasyon sa UP or libre ang edukasyon, baka hindi din pahalagahan ng mga studyante ang pagaaral. But anyway the point is, may studies na ginagawa diyan at hindi pwedeng basta sabihin ng UP na ‘okay sige bababaan namin ang tuition.’ Hindi yun ganun kadali. UP is working on improving the STFAP process, may mga pinagdadaanan ang mga proseso sa UP and there is an active move para mas mapadali ang mahabang prososo ng STFAP.

      • It’s a serious waste of Tax Payers money, we are paying absurd tax so UP Administration can push a student to the unthinkable. They might be “academically equipped with brains but without a heart” that will not suffice if they are to create a better foundation to the future leaders of this country.

        • Actually, KULANG pa ang tax money na pumapasok sa UP, hindi enough para mabayaran ang gastusin nito at ma-improve ang facilities, kaya it ‘demands’ money from students thru increasing tuition fees.

          • we are subsidizing part of the students schooling – try to compare UP’s tuition to other school who offers equivalent caliber.

            AND NOW THIS
            “According to UP student regent Cleve Arguelles, it even came to a point when her mother knelt before UP Manila Chancellor Manuel Agulto to personally appeal their situation.”

            We are not paying absurd Tax Rate for a State University to have Cruelty a part of the students curriculum and mental model.

      • Hi Severino.

        “If hindi nagbabayad ng tuition fee ang students, bababa ang quality ng education sa UP.”
        -> I disagree since as a state university, UP’s primary source of funds should not be the students’ pockets, but people’s taxes. However, much of taxpayer money goes to militarization and paying debt.

        “Kung sobrang mura ng edukasyon sa UP or libre ang edukasyon, baka hindi din pahalagahan ng mga studyante ang pagaaral.”
        -> It’s the other way around: The cheaper the education students get, the more they will feel indebted to the ones who paid for it, and the more they will appreciate their education.

  6. http://www.facebook.com/notes/kislap-alitaptap/sa-umagang-ito/10152636687765244

    Sa Umagang Ito*
    Ni Kislap Alitaptap
    15 Marso 2013

    Sa umagang ito’y
    Nakasalubong ko ang iyong ngiti
    Sa hangin.
    Sa iyong mukha’y nakita ko
    Ang pag-asa.
    Gaya noong mga unang araw mo
    Sa kolehiyo.
    Ang pag-asang sa bakurang pinasok
    Mo ika’y lalabas dito, magtatapos,
    At iyong maitataguyod
    Ang kabuhayan sa inyong tahanan.
    Dalisay ang mga pangarap na
    Inaawit ng iyong ngiti.

    Ang pighati’y mga alikabok
    Sa nakasanib sa hangin.
    Sa puso ng umaga’y umaagos
    Ang panghihinayang.
    Panghihinayang na tumitibok
    Ng galit.
    Galit na naghihintay ng pagsabog.

    Ilang umaga pa ba ang
    Masasalubong ko nang ganito?
    Ilang mga ngiti pa ba
    Ang masasayang?
    Habang sa lipuna’y gumagapang
    Ang mga salaring pumapatay
    Ng mga dalisay na pangarap.
    Ilang pag-asa pa ba ang
    Basta na lang malulusaw
    Sa kandungan ng hangin?

    Sa umagang ito’y
    May mga diwa kang ginising
    Ang pananahimik.
    May mga hamon kang ipinarating.
    Ang mga panawaga’y palalaganapin!
    Ang mga mithii’y kakamtin!

    Sa umagang ito’y
    Inakay mo ang diwa kong
    Patuloy na maghimagsik! #

    *binagong bersyon. sa orihinal na bersyon ay mababasa ang pangalan nung “subject”, sa pamagat at sa baha-bahagi mismo ng tula. Bilang respeto na rin sa pamilyang nagluluksa, sa kanilang privacy, at sa iba pang implikasyon na maaaring ibunga nito.

  7. ung UP talga ung ung ginagawa nila. Ganon din dto sa UP Visayas. Kahit nasa lower bracket ka sa STFAP ilalagay ka sa taas para mahal ung tuition na babayaran mo. Tapos mag aappeal ka ,next sem nga lang ung approval tapos mag pa refund ka lang.

    EH !@#$% ANTAGAL PA NUNG REFUND, meantime, antaas pa ng tuition mo.

    andaming hokus pokus na nangyayari sa pera ng mga students, inuutang pa siguro ng mga tao jan sa admin , o d kaya tina time deposit para lalaki ang interes. Bulok na mga tao

    • parang citibank na pala ang UP ngayon kung maningil

    • baka kasi hindi ka sumunod sa deadline? ang mga staff kasi dapat diyan ay i-guide ka sa pagsagot ng forms. ganun samin, vineverify na tama ang mga info na sinulat para hindi na kailangan pang mag-appeal pag dahil lang may mali sa form. pero kung maaga inaasikaso yan at sumusunod sa deadlines, dapat maayos na ang bracket mo kaagad

  8. I am a freshman student from UP Visayas and I am also greatly affected by what happened. This is not just an issue of UP Manila but the whole UP System.

    I agree with what SR Arguelles stated, “She will always be remembered in our continuous fight to realize the youth’s right to education.”

    We shouldn’t just wait around until another incident like this arouses. We need to take action. Now.

  9. It would be nice to have the name of the student on this article.
    Condolences to the family and friends.
    RIP Kristel Tejada.

  10. Some of us would say she was mentally ill because she committed suicide only because our social standards influenced us to believe it that way and that it is always a case of insanity to commit suicide. For me she was a very courageous and dignified person because she was able to let us realize even at the expense of her own life that the system is no longer serving its purpose for the people specially the poor ones. Now I’d like to challenge all the pips out there who have been saying that she was mentally ill to try to commit suicide in order to prove that she was really mentally ill.

  11. As a fellow UP student here in UP Visayas, I could only be shocked na P300 pala yung bracket D sa UPM. I understand na hindi niya kaya yung halagang iyon, pero sana hindi niya kinuha yung buhay niya kasi mas lalong magigipit sa pera yung pamilya niya sa gagastusin sa pagpapalibing. Yet, no one can blame her for being too depressed sa kanyang social status. Let’s just pray for the repose of her soul.

  12. Napakalungkot dahil ang bata pa niya. Sayang yung future niya at siya pa naman yung inaasahan ng pamilya niya. Magaling na estudyante pa naman saw. Sana naibigay ko nalang sa kanya yung mga nasayang na pera sa nabagsak kong subject.

  13. First of all – let us not condemn the student and label her mentally ill because she committed suicide. Hindi dahil depressed mentally ill na agad. Sometimes life’s experiences can be overwhelmingly difficult such that some spur of the moment and wrong decisions are made. Mali ang mag suicide- hindi yan solution sa mga problema. But that is not the main issue here. Ang issue bakit kailangan mangyari ito sa isang estudyante – hindi pangkarinawang estudyante dahil siya ay Iskolar ng Bayan at mag-aaral ng naturingan na State Univeristy. Hindi ba’t ito ang pamantasan ng mga cream of the crop. Mga magagaling NA mag-aaral na piling-pili. In other words sila ang mga pag-asa ng Bayan. This being so, why is there no provision for those who are intellectually capable but financially handicapped. Why should these young and deserving students be forced to give up their dreams and aspirations because they don’t have the means to pay their tuition. Hindi ba dapat NA mas maging considerate , understanding and compassionate ang mga official ng UP towards students who are in this situation? This is not only sad and depressing. Nakakagalit din especially if it’s true as stated in one account that the student’s mother literally knelt before the Chancellor in behalf of her daighter’s sad plight.

  14. Dear President

    eto na ang ibedensya kung bakit konti lang ang nag aaral sa UP kahit sila ay nakapasa sa UPcat..
    di po ba kau “nasasayangan” sa batang ito.. nagpakamatay dahil sa di pag bayad ng tuition fee..

    sana ito na po ung hudyat para mailabas ang totoong kahulugan ng

    hoy gising

  15. Please stop using her death as propaganda. There isn’t any clear reason behind this suicide, if you ask me, and it is completely disrespectful to her memory that everyone is attributing her suicide to the STFAP. I’m not saying that the incredulous tuition fee system of UP did not push her into a depression. However the supposed motivation behind her suicide is still only a product of speculation because we do not have anything from the student herself (in the form of something she had left behind or a conversation she had with another person wherein she expressed her intentions). It is irresponsible to publish material like this.

    • No. Just no.

      We have every right to stand up against the system that had wronged her.
      Iisipin ko nalang na never mo pang naranasang mabagabag ng mga bagay-bagay na wala ka nang ibang magawa kundi sumuko. That you have never been able to experience the stress of exhausting every effort only to be repeatedly denied. Say what you want, but through the FLOA, the STFAP, and a horrible government, UP and the State have killed her. We have failed her.

      One would not need to speculate, or accuse others of propagandist journalism if one only talked to the people who knew her. What would be irresponsible is if we stay silent and do not fight. (Which could be what you prefer to do)

      • No, what I prefer to do is to give some space to the family to mourn before we politicize this issue. Word spread like wildfire and our community in UPM was one of the first to get the news and it already had the STFAP issue appended to it. I don’t think that was the whole story. It is completely reductionist to say that. Her matriculation problem may have been a great contributor to her depression but that does not mean it is all that this is about. So we should wait for her family to come to terms with her death first before anyone starts using it to further another agenda. It is a righteous agenda, yes, but it may not be the whole story and that would not be fair to her memory.

        I will not even talk about how you completely devalued me and that my lack of experience in these matters makes me incapable of empathizing with the victim. I’m all for the scrapping of the STFAP and rectifying the current tuition system but this was all too early and full of speculation.

  16. And may I also add – it is not only UP who should be deemed liable here . As it is called the State University – the state or government should be as liable if not, more liable, as well. Tsk, tsk

  17. I’m a self-supporting 30-year old — and a 3rd year college undergrad. An acquaintance recently encouraged me to enroll in UP to finish up, but the current STAF system took me aback: while it is meant to “assist” students finance their education, it’s also blatantly discriminatory of social classes.

    Back in my time as a college student, there were only regular students and scholars; and regular students can get away with a promissory note and part of the tuition fees if you don’t have enough at hand, as long as the faculty dean and the registrar are properly informed about it. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of forced LOA for students who can’t pay their tuition on time, and this is coming from a state university that I’ve always admired to boot.

    Such a pity if the level of tertiary education has truly fallen to this level. Education is meant to help life become more sustainable especially for the more deprived in our society; it’s not supposed to suck the life out of the aspiring young citizens of this country.

    • but in order to help life become more sustainable, there are fees that must be paid to maintain the quality service. just imagine a company, say Globe or Smart, to provide free services for everyone. dahil libre ang service nila, wala silang income. paano nila pondohan ang sweldo and repairs ng mga bagay bagay? that’s not sustainable so may point ang kailangan pa din naman talaga magbayad.

      • Kailangan magbayad, pero dapat at a fair, affordable price. A State University such as UP should be subsidized by the government, as education is a basic right and a social need. This is contrary to PNoy’s administration plan of making SUCs self-sufficient – without state subsidy, tuition fees would increase.

      • Christine Gojar

        Severino, you can’t compare a state university to a company like Globe. Companies will naturally be profit-oriented. But Services such as education have large short-term costs because the positive externality of providing this pays off in the long run. The state should be funneling funds into education because it improves the capabilities of its population, ensuring the sustainability of the nation. Educational institutions’ primary concern is to certify and educate and should have the means to assist their registered students so that they graduate and reap the benefits of proving their intelligence. The suicidal freshie was obviously intelligent enough to eventually make her way out of poverty – but the institution that was meant to provide opportunities for her to do that effectively did the opposite. This is definitely a case of discrimination against impoverished individuals at the hands of a state-run institution. Should be fixed.
        (Also, regarding your previous comment.. UP can and does ensure the quality of their student population through entrance exams. Lower tuition fees would not deteriorate the prestige of a university)

  18. Ok, so she was mentally ill. So may parents siyang nagkulang sa pangangaral ayon kay Kei. So the UP system is not entirely at fault for her decision to commit suicide. And yeah, I heard this article failed so bad because it didn’t please every damned reader!

    Basta ako, what I choose to take home from this article, is that improving the means to acquire education in our country, especially in UP, is a must. Hindi na rin masamang bonus na makatulong ito to help prevent other people in the same situation from committing the same mistake this girl did.

  19. Hindi ko maisip na pinapatupad sa UP ang “forced LOA”. Para sa akin marami pang paraan na mas makakatulong sa estudyante, sana nagbigay sila ng flexible na payment options. Hindi ba nila naisip na kahit magworking student siya ay hindi pa rin niya makakayanang bayaran ng buo ang 7k na matrikula sa isang bagsakan. Kahit ng fulltime employee ay mas mababa pa sa 7k ang sinusweldo. Hindi ba nila naisip na bukod sa tuition ay proproblemahin pa niya kung saan niya kukunin ang pang-araw araw niyang panggastos tulad ng pamasahe at pagkain. May iba pa siyang mga kapatid na malamang ay nahihirapan na rin ang mga magulang niyang ibigay ang mga pangangailangan nila.

    • Christine Gojar

      I agree with you completely. It seems that most people are taking the girl’s difficult situation for granted. The insensitivity of the university to her plight is a shocking example of the danger of the impersonal nature of institutions. The student was just trying to study (which itself can be an arduous occupation), in the midst of mounting expectations from her by her family, the stress of work, commuting in Manila and constrained by poverty. Yes, millions of Filipinos are literally doing the same thing. But just because most of us can deal with it doesn’t mean that it is an easy life. The number of bad things in her life probably outweighed the number of good. She was shamed and excluded because of her socioeconomic status and was received unsympathetically by the administration of the school when she was looking for help. It was probably nobody’s fault, it was a case of neglect due to the composition of the system. Nobody was available to help her and nobody bothered to make themselves available. :(

  20. This is very disheartening. Whatever her condition is, however this article was produced, the story is so sad. She’s sixteen and gave up on life thinking maybe life gave up on her. How does a 16 year old handle life’s blows? I’m a mother and news like this one is heartbreaking. 16 year olds should be enjoying their youth. No judgment here. Prayers to the family.

  21. This is such a dreadful news. Even if the distress brought about by the tuition matter were not the only cause of suicide, it cannot be denied that it must have somehow affected the case. The compounded pile of stress cannot be justified by words.

  22. dapat gumawa ng batas ang ating magigiting na congressman at senador na nagbabawal sa no permit no exam policy. pakuhanin nila ng exam kahit wla pa permit. ang i hold nila ang class cards o clearance. kasi para sa estudyante doble ang hirap,, nag rereview na nga ang estudyante para sa exam, tapos iniisip din nya kung may pambayad oa sya para makakuha ng exam.

    • Actually meron na pong napasang House Bill 4791 mula sa Kabataan Partylist. Under HB 4791, all students of vocational schools, colleges and universities in the country shall be allowed to take midterm and final examinations even with unpaid financial obligations to the school. It also prohibits school officials from compelling students to pay more than 30 percent of school fees before administering the exams.

      • I think it’a a ridiculous bill.
        If the students don’t pay, how will the school be able to operate? schools have to pay their employees, have to pay the bills, have to pay taxes, have to fund researches, etc. If students won’t pay, the school will simply just stop operating or charge more to offset the losses from those who wouldn’t pay. The result of this House Bill is we have less schools. You have to take in to consideration that the people involved in school operations are doing what they are doing because of the incentives they get, remove the incentives and they stop doing. Schools should have the full right to turn down students who won’t pay. If schools don’t pay the teachers, teachers go to Labor Department. If schools compel students to pay, parents/students go to DepEd. The interest of the provider of good quality education is always ignored like if it’s of no importance.

  23. disheartenedisko

    @Reinier. First, we can’t say, based on the article alone, that she was mentally ill. Yes, it says “she was depressed.” But to say that she was clinically depressed, we don’t have enough details. Second, saying that she was “mentally ill” is irksome without sufficient proof (and using mentally ill is irksome as well). Third, we cannot deny that this is a major issue for our fellow iska (i.e. unable to continue her studies because of financial constraints). Based on her text message to her adviser, “…malungkot siya at napakalaki ng epekto sa buhay niya at ng pamilya niya ng pag-LOA niya.” This came from her, giving us a hint that she was distressed about her academic situation. Fourth, UPM administration could have considered her situation. Based on this article, http://www.rappler.com/move-ph/23894-up-student-kills-self-unpaid-tuition, “According to UP student regent Cleve Arguelles, it even came to a point when her mother knelt before UP Manila Chancellor Manuel Agulto to personally appeal their situation.”

    I am completely disheartened about this issue. I would like to extend my condolences to her family and loved ones. I agree with @Archie that it’s time for UP to wake up. Stop enforcing repressive policies.

    • DON’T CALL FOR A WAKE UP ( they know what they were doing ), We should call for the government to take action for the IMMEDIATE AND UNCONDITIONAL REMOVAL OF ALL ADMINISTRATION MEMBERS INCLUDING THEIR BENEFITS.

  24. financial assistance for the family??? kung sa budget ng scholarship niya napunta yan sana buhay pa sya. RIP :(

  25. My only son died by suicide. What I know is that he had a problem that many would consider simple. Is he mentally ill? Recent studies point to a biochemical imbalance in the brain. And that is the reason why the church do not consider suicide as a mortal sin anymore. You may all speculate on why someone would harm himself, but whatever the reason, it was between them and their God. We will never know what went on thru their minds, just that they don’t see any other way out of the pain they were going through at the moment. Please, stop blaming the parents- you can never imagine the intense pain they will go through THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

  26. To get the best education was her only aspiration, and she was denied of it. :(

  27. some people lack empathy today, sympathy is not that hard to give, blaming her parents, saying she’s mentally ill, and saying she’s selfish is just downright cruel, being a UP student you should know that some students cant even afford boarding houses, even dorms inside the campus, given the fact that the tuition is expensive, one can’t think clearly or even study if things like these are going through their heads, i know this because i have experienced it, i am a UPV student, i am assigned into bracket B, though to some it may seem cheap, but 600 pesos per unit is just to expensive for students like me. plus knowing that my parents have to work twice as hard just to send me my allowance, and also knowing it is not enough, you learn to settle, like eating once a day, walking to class, sneaking in the dorms/boarding houses of your friends because you didn’t rent for 2 months, thats i what i did, (still doint it sometimes) its something i am proud of as a UP student, i settled to what i have and used my head in times like these. but as much as it pains me to say this, she couldnt handle, there are times that i couldnt “handle it” either, but i just try, i know how she feels because i wanted to do what she did, even now, just a little more pain and i will probably do it. BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE, I WILL ALWAYS BLAME THE SYSTEM! I WILL ALWAYS BLAME THE STFAP! THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! AND PNOY! ESPECIALLY HIM! thats the only thing i can do, putting the blame on the administration, and with that i feel even more sad right now after realizing this, if i keep on blaming them, will it bring her back to life? will the tuition fee have a rollback? will they scrap the STFAP? these are the things that triggers depression, losing hope.

    • We can beat this thing. Her death won’t be in vain when the time comes cos we’ll remember. Hang in there!

  28. […] ‘Unable to pay tuition, UPM freshie commits suicide’ […]

  29. My deepest condolences to her family. Prayers for the student and those mourning for her loss.

    Let’s just refrain from judging anyone because we don’t know the entire story. Many factors could’ve contributed to this event and we cannot simply put the blame on any single person. Wala naman sigurong may gustong mangyari ito. Let’s just do what each of us can to make this less likely in the future.

    I agree with Paul. May nag-suicide man o hindi, huwag sanang masyadong higpitan ng sistema ang mga kabataang gustong makakuha ng maayos na edukasyon. Ano bang masama na matutulungan sila nitong magkatrabaho at sa bandang huli, magbabayad din naman ng buwis na magiging budget para sa UP?

  30. i have read all 48 comments and i think all perpectives on the said occurrence are plausible. although, there is one thing (i believe) people have failed to pay attention to (when they shouldn’t).

    on the adviser’s conversation with the girl, she said that “[Pagkatapos niyang mag-file], nakapag-usap kami [sa text] at sinabi niyang malungkot siya at napakalaki ng epekto sa buhay niya at ng pamilya niya ng pag-LOA niya,”

    in this article, it was indicated that she is the eldest among five siblings, that her father is a part-time taxi driver and that her mother is unemployed. the way i see it, it was impotence that put her in such state of uneasiness or extreme depression. her father is just a ‘part-time’ taxi driver so he must be having a hard time looking for a work that is necessary for his (quite large) family. in addition to that, her mother is just a housewife. being the eldest of the aforementioned family, she must have felt the weight on her shoulders. she must have harassed herself into finding for a solution to such tribulation that her family is going through.

    given that the pressure is on her and she was not able to attend school anymore, a lot of things must have occurred in their household. one possible scenario is that she have witnessed how her father suffered into working for their family but not being able to bring home enough money to suffice their needs (in this case, her education); how her mother must have felt powerless since she is unemployed — and that has driven her into committing suicide. another possible scenario is that her parents must have felt the pressure on themselves too. as a parent (especially), inadequacy is not just an issue of little depth. things must have taken place in their heads as well, that allowed them to break down and to possibly become hard on their daughter — and that has driven her into committing such act.

    none of these scenarios are proven to be accurate but either way, we must first try to understand what people have gone through and to not vilify them.

  31. Medyo thin line ang boundary between parental guidance and personal freedom ng isang tao. Mahirap ma-pinpoint kung ano talaga nangyari, maraming factors.

    But to cite severalpossible factors, yes, isa na rin ang poor parental upbringing, but this should not be blamed as the primary reason but only one of several reasons.

    Let’s remember, maraming tao–kabataan o matanda–na sagana sa pangaral ng magulang pero nagiging masama pa rin ang ugali o kaya ay nagdedesisyon pa rin nang mali. In the same manner that there are also many people who come from bad families–even raised by evil parents–but chose to be independent or different from their parents.

    So, to get lessons from the news about this suicide, we can add ‘parental guidance’ as an important factor sa pagpapalaki ng kabataan, pero this is not enough or this is not the ‘be all, end all’ for a person’s sure thing na magiging mabuti siyang tao.

    So, back to the question, I wouldn’t blame the parents just like that. I need to know first the whole background of that person (kung pagtutuunan ko ba ng pansin ito talaga)–ano ba ang ugali noong bata mula pa maliit siya–depressed na ba siya palagi? loner ba siya? madali ba siyang umiyak kapag nagkakaproblema? paano niya nireresulba ang mga problema niya? tumatakbo ba siya sa magulang para humingi ng tulong?

    Magulang niya? Nagtatrabaho ba nang maayos? Nabibigyan ba sila ng pangangailangan? Nagsusugal ba? Napapabayaan ba mga anak?

    Maraming tanong.

    Ganyan ako mag-isip.Kaya hindi ako basta-basta nagja-judge ng tao kasi kailangan ko muna malaman ang lahat ng anggulo.

    Ganyan dapat ang bawat tao.HIndi basta-basta naniniwala sa sabi-sabi. HIndi basta-basta nambibintang. HIndi basta-basta nagja-judge nang di pa nga alam ang buong istorya.

  32. Ferdinand R. Cordero

    It is difficult to give an analysis of what really caused this tragedy. This is because we lack so many vital information, which should have come from the victim herself. Therefore, what can we learn from the incident? The people who have had a direct contact with the victim prior to her suicide should rethink if they could have been instrumental to prevent such an event. Now, I don’t want to insinuate that UP Admin is partly to be blamed. However, they can perhaps evaluate their current system to find out if it is able to provide several possible remedies to students having problems of paying their tuition fees on time. If it is not lacking, the people implementing the system can look into how they actually inform the students of such remedies. Are these remedies clearly made known to the students, through information sheets, forms, instructional procedures, manuals, brochures or other reading materials made easily accessible to students? Does the system provide for personal counseling to students having such problems, or the system purely rests on paper trails? What I am trying to say is the importance of the human factor, the compassion and encouragement that can be given to a suffering student in order to boost moral, give hope, clear directions and the intuitive discernment for other compounding problems assailing the student that can be addressed through sound advise. Something has to be learned from this experience. I can only pray that the people who are capable of learning and making the proper reactions to this situation can rise up and do what they have to do!

  33. upon reading this article and all d comments posted i felt so disappointed..
    DISAPPOINTED because instead of focusing on “what we could do ” here we are just complaining!!! For me, whatever the reason that she committed suicide…ONE THING IS FOR SURE..SHE WAS BEEN DEPRIVED WITH HER EDUCATION” and to think that this happened to the famous UNIVERSITY that we call..”ISKOLAR NANG BAYAN!” TSK,TSK,TSK…

    My deepest condolences to her family. May she rest in peace..

  34. Gusto kong mag-UP noon kasi akala ko kapag nandito na ako, hindi na mamomoblema ang mga magulang ko sa tuition ko. Pero ang nangyari, nararamdaman ko ang pagkagipit namin tuwing enrollment lalo na nitong nakaraan na tumaas ang bracket ko. Mahirap para sa ‘kin na makitang nahihirapan ang mga magulang ko pero hindi naman sila makahindi kasi pangarap at kinabukasan ko ang nakasalalay ron.

  35. Foremost, our deepest sympathy for a great loss.
    I see where each one is coming from – sincere expressions of minds shaped by each one’s past & present preferences.
    ‘Shaming & Blaming’ will not bring about the desired results. Walang idudulot na mabuti ang walang-habas na sisihan, subalit meron dapat pagsisihan at matutunan, di ba?
    SA TAHANAN: Gampanan ng MGA AMA ang pangunahing tungkulin na pangunahan ang pamilya (bukod pa rin naman ang sa MGA INA)… Ang mga pinaka-mabibigat na responsibilidad at obligasyon ay sa atin naka-atang bilang ama, gaya ng MALINAW NA KOMUNIKASYON (puso-sa-puso na pakikipag-ugnayan) – sa gayon, ay alam natin ang kalagayan ng bawat anak upang mainam na matugunan at ma-agapan…
    Bagamat ‘di ito ang pangunahing layunin ng naturan natin, maaari pa din linangin ang mga alituntunin hango sa mga ganito’ng usapin…

  36. Sana dumating ang pagkakataong hindi ko na kailangan bayaran ang bawat butil ng kaalaman na aking mapupulot sa loob ng silid- paaralan.
    Sana dumating ang araw na ang aking mga pangarap ay maging kasing laya ng paru- paro sa kabukiran.
    Sana hindi kumulay ang dugo sa aking kaluluwa upang manatiling puro ang aking kalooban, dahil sa ang aking mga pangarap ay mananatiling pangarap lang.
    Gusto kong hamunin ang araw na sa kanyang kagitingan pahalagahan sana ang aking buhay at hindi ang yamang kaakibat ng aking pangalan.
    Sanay diligin ng ulan ng awa ang mga tao sa itaas , sa di maparam na ulap, upang kanilang makita at kanilang masuri ang mga desisyong kanilang tinuturan.
    Sana …sana..sana… sana buhay pa sya ngayon??? Pero bakit sana?

    Sana? Kasi wala na sya?
    Isang bubot na pangarap ang maagang pinitas ni hindi hinayaang yumabong at mamulaklak.
    Isang buhay na nasayang dahil sa hirap na dinanas..
    Mamulat man ang mata natin ngayon, tumangis man o muling mangarap, lumaban man o mangusap… wala na, wala ng halaga ang SANA????

    Lumaban ka iska, isko, pati ikaw na nakakabasa nito.. hindi sa paaralan kundi sa buhay mo at sa mga bagay na humahadlang sa pangarap mo, hindi pantay – pantay ang mabuhay – maaring sa paghatol walang nakalalamang pero sa realidad na sumasampal kung mahina ka – hindi ka panghihinayangan ng bayan, kukutyain ka hindi tutulungan, lilibakin ka hagang sa puso mo ay madurog at ikaw ay unti – unting mawalan ng buhay.

    Pusong UPian – magtangis ka ninakawan ka nila ng kapatid, kaibigan , baka bukas ikaw naman ang nakawan

  37. Must one Die to prove that there is something “very wrong” in the system, made by best and brightest minds of an Institution of Learning.

    Remember a policy will not endure if there’s no quorum in the deciding and enforcing body of any institution. Did the policy making took substantial and careful consideration to the circumstances ( of the other brackets ) of the very poor but deserving students? or was it decided by the chosen few who hasn’t felt poverty ever in their life?

    And so you’re saying it is wrong to assume the bitter outcome once a student’s is pressured and cornered by an oppressive policy put in play by a State University? This is just the Tip of the Iceberg, Do you think it will create a fruitful effect on “all the student” – as such will not push anyone to the limits? and do OPEN YOUR EYES since the product of those limits manifested one if its forms recently with a student – just 16yrs of age took her very own life.

    Now should we continue on the other eventuality and avenues other students takes, can you handle the truth?

  38. I pity her because she came up with a solution that only cowards do. Quitting.

    • i pity you that you came up with a summary of totally discrediting the factors that may have caused her to do this. and the end of it all you see the ugliest truth behind everything. it is true, she made the lamest escape but it is not true that it is ” a solution that only cowards do. quitting” – try to face death before you’re eyes and let’s see how scary it will go. I wish for you to see your end at your very eyes for you to say how cowardly it will be – happy dying:-)

    • It wasn’t a coward’s act – taking a life take’s guts of steel, what more your very own. And please you’re not her and you will never be in her shoes.

      Only if she was given another option, But UP Administration was just too narrow sighted. First they ask her to do LOA, and they know that she’s financially challenged then decided to tear every sensibility she has left by declining her petition of loan.

  39. to each is his own..
    I’d say she had a lot of guts, to do it.
    last year, namatay ang asawa at anak ko.
    I’m also thinking of suicide, in fact i attempted to do it twice,
    hindi ko lng maituloy kasi natatakot ako..naduduwag?
    call it however u want to call it.
    can we blame UP for her death?
    Yes, their decision to deny her a chance to continue to study is clearly the deciding factor on why she opted to commit suicide.

    sayang. Siguro lng she felt so alone and helpless when she did it.

  40. I respect all of your opinions but don’t get too emotional. I agree with you maybe it’s not a solution but it’s her last option to escape from reality.Regardless any reason it’s still not an excuse to do that, open your eyes.

    • Do open your eyes as well as you are not in her position… clearly she was driven by a system sponsored by UP Administration to do the unthinkable.

      “According to UP student regent Cleve Arguelles, it even came to a point when her mother knelt before UP Manila Chancellor Manuel Agulto to personally appeal their situation.”.

      We are not paying absurd Tax Rate for a State University to have Cruelty a part of the students curriculum and mental model.

      Call for Immediate and unconditional removal for all UP ADMINISTRATION MEMBERS including THEIR BENEFITS. Then Replace them with people with higher EQ to write a new Publicly available and voted POLICY and for the sequestered Benefits to a trust fund /foundation to support the financially challenged and deserving students.

    • And Tres you haven’t ventured out that much near UPM specially the mall, now would you like to discuss other things some students in UP resorting to? It would surely make other people stomach churn would you like me to mention it here? Emotions are high but its substantiated But i guess it wont apply to you.

      We can’t define nor control what people decide to do when they are pressured.

      • Tres, you cannot honestly believe that what the victim did was wrong. Suicide is more than a question of morality (and even if it was, your mores will be different from everyone else’s). Suicide, or even the thought of it, is a question of health and that the victim needs help. Who are you to say that she is in the wrong?

  41. Di ko sasabihin na ang di pagkabayad ng tuition ang only cause ng kanyang pag suicide. But I think if napagbigyan sya ng UPM Admin, at least mawawalan sya ng 1 pinoproblema, right?

    • And what happens the next time she face a similar situation, do we have a guarantee that the end will not be the same? Was is just delaying the inevitable? Because the root cause of the problem was not addressed. While her parents continue to struggle feeding themselves they chose to have four more… What happens to those four by the way?

      To UPM sad as it maybe she is one case, they have no profile to tell them the outcome when they implement a policy to each individual. Theirs is just a small part in a life struggle of this young girl. While i share the grief for this loss, I still can’t help but blame the parents and whoever opposes population control specially the church.

      • maybe you need to do further root cause it/fish bone/dissect it and you will see.

        You are 16yrs old, you see the pain and humiliation despite your hardwork and your family’s persistence just to help you finish the semester? and then suddenly school asked you to LOA and then decline the petition for loan. Taking her own life was one avenue she saw, now what if she ventured on the other gruesome avenue that some students threaded unto? out of despiration.

        • Sure Why was there a need to take the LOA? Because she has no money. Why does she have no money? Because only her father work? Why? Because her mother needs to take care of their other four children? Why do they have four children when they are poor? Because they do not have the responsibility to control themselves. So why is the student dead? Because her parents were irresponsible. Sorry.

          • And so you’re saying being poor is irresponsible? Nice chip in your shoulder, nice :)

            • No being poor by itself is not irresponsible BUT having so many children when you are already poor is irresponsible! Having more children when you can barely feed yourself is irresponsible. Having more children when you know you can barely send the first one through school is irresponsible.

              • Do you have a family of you own?

                • Only a family person knows the reality of it – further i would say am thankful am educated in a better state university where IQ and EQ goes hand in hand and where cruelty isn’t tolerated.

                • Yes, I do and I have two children, and my wife and I are both working to make sure we can provide their needs and their education. We’re not rich so education is the only thing we can leave them.

                  • Well as you can see you and your wife are fortunate to be educated, having 2 kids pushed both of you to work to them having now see the that perspective the departed’s parents Father’s a Taxi driver and Mother is a housewife ( probably both just manage to make it to highschool ) and yet they are trying to put her in a good university for her to have a better chance in life – just like what your parents did for you. Now put yourself in their shoes – think of it, all they need is some humanity not cruelty from a University talk so much of excellence yet the reality it’s not even near one for its rotten policy.

                    • And that’s the point, if they really want the best for her then they should have stop with her and not have another four. But they were irresponsible enough not to think of that and now will they blame the school because of their failure?

                      Why is that the school’s problem? Why is that the government’s problem? Were they forced to have children?
                      I may have sympathy for their loss but not
                      Their flight.

                  • Pardon kung may pagka ad hominem ang mga susunod ko na sasabihin.

                    Pano (di ko ginugusto ha?) kung next year magkasakit ka ng malubha at naubos ang savings nyo sa hospital at di na makapag-aral ang mga anak mo?

                    May right ba akong sabihin na iresponsable kang magulang dahil di mo mapaaral ang 2 mong anak at ang 2 ay many na para sa akin?

                    • Well you asked me, I’m covered I’m responsible enough to get all the insurance that will cover such, because I don’t want to leave my family in the dark.

                      Do you want to ask what will happen if I die? Then my family will have enough money, my children can take up reasonable degrees. How? Because I planned for it. And made sure it will cover my kids. How does a taxi driver who has an unemployed wife plan to do the same for five children? Hope one day they will find money out of thin air? Hope they will get lucky somehow? In the meantime you have children who might end up begging in the street or a life of crime because they’re hungry.

                      Continuing to justify thes. Irresponsibilities on show why there are so many poor people in the PI. When will they learn? When more children kill themselves out of frustration? Then what? Blame the government? School? For what? For bringing into the world children they know they can’t provide for?

      • maybe you need to do further root cause it/fish bone/dissect it and you will see.

        You are 16yrs old, you see the pain and humiliation despite your hardwork and your family’s persistence just to help you finish the semester? and then suddenly school asked you to LOA and then decline the petition for loan. Taking her own life was one avenue she saw, now what if she ventured on the other gruesome avenue that some students threaded unto? out of desperation.

        • MB,

          all they need was a little humanity from the UP Administration which wasn’t given.

          Appalling I may say having no proper education a decent work is a failure to you. I rest my case…

          • No, those are not the failure I am talking about. Failure is their decision to have children, much more five children despite having no decent job to support such a big family. Failure is not being able to provide proper education for their children and even the moral support to prevent the incident. An even bigger failure is blaming someone else for their own.

            • The family has been having financial problems after her husband, Christopher, lost his regular job as a warehouse coordinator when the company shut down, she added.

              Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/375303/for-kristel-tejada-studying-was-a-coping-mechanism#ixzz2Nrvww2Zi
              Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

              The family of Kristel had been experiencing financial problems since her father Christopher was laid off from work as a warehouse coordinator in 2009.

              Blesilda said that they have already sold several of their valuables such as their car just to make ends meet.


              My point is, you don’t have the right to judge her parents because di mo alam ang mga nangyari.

              • So in this world that we live in now, where we know the volatility of the economic situation, what would justify anyone to have so many children?

                How much does a warehouse coordinator earns? Is it enough to support that many children? I was earning close to six figures a month before I left PH but I opted to have one child. Why? Because I know how much to feed him, to cloth him, to put him through a good school and make sure he has the financial support he needs, and even as I move to another country it took me years to have another child, because I had to make sure the second child will have the same level of support to get him through life.

                What’s my point? Be responsible! The economy is not getting any better, there is NO REASON to keep having more children if you are not in the position financially to support them. And when I say support, it’s not having just to feed them three times a day and a roof.

                Think of the future, what will happen to the children if I lose my job? How will I support them? If you cannot answer that, then stick to a single child, we all want to have children but we have to love them enough top think of their future. Be responsible!

  42. She took her life and for her that it’s the right thing to do. And I’ll say that it’s the horrendous idea I can think of. Clearly she did not handle the situation intelligently. Although I deeply sympathize,there’s so many things that she could have done before ending up with this last resort.

    • hmmm 20k Tuition right? shall name tunes of the line up of those job that can pout out that amount of money instantly for a 16yr old which is often the case for other student

      1. Loan 1k each from 20 different classmate/professors and friends
      2. Prostitution = she would need to sell her morality to approx 13 men.
      3. Peddling Drugs – instant for sure if she doesnt get caught
      4. Get a DOM – she’ll be sex slave
      5. Loan from loan sharks – this can take more that what is given
      6. Pawn their property to a bank with absurd % interest rate she’ll be back there in no time.

      go back to reality Tres, a regular employee in PH would need to rack in 30 days to gain that amount of money.

  43. I agree that the parents have a part in the responsibility for this student’s death. They had no business having five children with their employment status. Parents should be responsible to only have children they can support. This is a wake up call for them and the church as well who keeps fighting government’s program to control population.

  44. You guys make me laugh.

  45. MaCecilia DelaRosa
    nakakagagu lang talaga ‘yung statement na pilit isinisingit yung ‘pursuit of excellence.’ yabang pa rin talagang inaatupag natin! sometimes the people running this institution have become so in love with their rules and curricula and rhetorics about excellence and hell, relevance(?)that they forget what they have in their classes are LIVES! puta naman namatay yung bata o. shouldn’t we be pursuing justice instead?

    ang totoo, mahirap magpakaexcellent kung di ka makapasok sa klase dahil wala kang pantuition. idagdag pa ang pang-araw-araw na obstacle sa pagpasok. mahirap magpakaexcellent kung wala kang pamasahe, wala kang pambili ng ticket sa kung saang palabas na required panoorin, wala kang pampaprint, wala kang at least 50 pesos pambili ng lunch at tanging drinking fountain lang ang tatawid sa gutom mo. mahirap magpakaexcellent kung inaantok ka sa gitna ng klase dahil pumasok ka sa call center noong gabi!

    totoong marami sa mga estudyante ng up ang nagagawan ng paraan ang pananatili nila sa unibersidad. pero di basta-basta lakas ng loob o diskarte ang nagtatawid sa kanila. paumanhin, paumanhin, pero sagarin natin… talagang kapalan ng apog na rin talaga ang pananatili sa up ng mga estudyanteng hirap sa buhay. hindi biro… yaong magpabalik-balik sa mga opisina para makiusap, manikluhod, magpapirma, habang bilang lang sa mga daliri yaong kakikitaan ng pag-unawa. aaralin mo dapat ang maging plastik sa pakikisalamuha sa mga tao, ang ngumiti sa harap ng nagsusungit, ang magmukhang asong nagpapaawa sa harap ng nanunukat at nagtataas-kilay, di labas dito ang mga propesor ha, ang magmukhang unggoy sa harap ng walang-paki para makuha lamang ang atensyon nila at pagaanin ang usapan tungkol sa kawalan mo ng tuition. ipoproseso mo at pagtitibayin ang pagiging mahirap mo at sa prosesong iyon pagdaraanan mo ang mga bagay na lalong magpapaalala sayo ng baba ng estado mo sa lipunan “estudyante ka lang, mahirap ka lang! up ito, hindi ito luluhod sayo.”

    hindi natin batid kung alin sa mga ito ang pinagdaanan niya at ng kanyang mga magulang. pinaghahalo ko lang ang maraming magkakaibang kwento… pero alam ko, maraming nakakaalam nito.

    alam nating pagkukulang lahat ito ng estado, kung kanino nakakawing ang karakter ng ating unibersidad. kung totoong mahal natin ang up, tama na muna ang mga excellence na yan. maging tao lang tayo. subukin nating tumingala, tayong lahat–estudyante, propesor, kawani, opisyal– at sabihin nating oo, kailangang ibalik ang sapat na subsidyo para sa unibersidad. ang kakulangan nito ang ugat ng lahat!

    yung excellence, itutuloy yan ng mga dapat magtuloy, kapag libre nang ituloy ang excellence.

    hustiya para sa isang buhay!

    • Ferdinand R. Cordero

      To the guy who calls for justice: In order to implement justice, we must determine first beyond any doubt who the culprit is. Can you give that fact? There is no room for speculations in the court of justice. Perhaps, you should consider this event as a learning experience. Read all the comments, opinions, suggestions and other ideas. Reflect on them, and use them to improve yourself. This goes to everyone, each of us to his own way!

  46. Umiiyak ang puso ko, lumuluha para sayo, iang anak na pinagkaitan ng pangarap. Gusto kong basagin ang katahimikan mula sa mga piping tagamasid. Gusto kong maghumiyaw sa mga taong di makadinig. Nais kong hambalusin ng katotohanan ang aking mga paralitikong paa, ng sa gayoy makaramdam.

    Kelan ka mumulat o mananatili kang nakapiring.

    ” naala ko pa nuong akoy highschool pa lamang – pumasok ako sa opis ng principal, ” sabi ko po – sir, puede po bang 650 lang po muna yung ibabayad ko , kasi po wala na talagang pera si nanay” ”sinagot nya ako ng ganito – sabihin mo sa nanay mo humanap ng trabaho yung kakayanin kayong pag – aralin, mag eenrol kayo dito hindi mo naman pala kaya magbayad, ngayon ka lang puede kumuha ng exam bukas pag hindi mo nasettle lahat ‘ pasensyahan tayo” parang nanlamig po ako kasi hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko- sinabi nya yun sa harap ng mga teacher ko.. – nakakuha po ako ng exam nung araw na yun…. ang ginawa ko po kinabukasan sa teacher po ako nakiusap ” sabi ko po – ma’am puede po pakuhanin nyo na po ako exam kahit irecord nyo na lang po pag nakabayad na po ako- wala lang daw po kasi pera talaga si nanay” halos lahat ng subject teacher ko pinakiusapan ko nung araw na yun- yun ang pinakamahabang linggo ng buhay ko- akala ko matatapos ko ang araw na yun na kahit papano ang poproblemahin ko na lang yung panu ako makakabayad , kaso pinuntahan po ako ng principal at pinauwi ako. –magsasaka po ang tatay ko sa nueva ecija at ang nanay ko housewife din po, — umuwi po akong nakikita ko ang tatay ko na patang pata ang katawan sa bukid, at halos hindi naman alam ng nanay ko ang gagawin para lang may maipkain sa amin.. naisip ko talaga kung alam lang nila yung 650 na ibinayad ko yun na yung susuwelduhin ng tatay ko… kahit hindi pa man nag aanihan… –hindi ko po alam kung mauunawaan ng iba yung ganitong pagsubok sa buhay – pero nauunawaan ko sya?

    • The word mercy is only understood by the chosen few are who are lucky enough to once tasted the bitter and survived it, and this crowd is not one of them. One day once their love or themselves meets such circumstances then and only then they will realize what this student went through.

      • True. I came from a poor family. My father did not even finish high school. Pero nagsumikap ang parents ko at napagtapos kaming 2 ng kapatid ko ng college. Swerte kami kasi 300/unit lang ang tuition sa UP noon and I had a scholarship. Right now, I am supporting my 2 brothers para makatapos din sila. Kung mabubuhay man ako uli, pipiliin ko parin ang aking mga magulang. Di ko sila ipagpalit sa isang politiko na kayang bumuhay ng 1000 na anak na galing lahat ng pera sa kaban ng bayan.

        Di natin pwedeng sabihing iresponsable ang mga anak magulang nya. Malay mo mayaman sila dati at kayang bumuhay ang mga magulang nya ng 100 anak pero nagkasakit ang magulang nya kaya naubos sa ospital o di kaya niloko/pinagnakawan sila. Teleserye storylines man ang sinabi ko but still, possible diba? Ang point ko lang is di natin pwede kaagad-agad sabihin na iresponsable silang mga magulang.

        • I think you are watching too many soap operas. This is the real world. You want to have children make sure you can provide for them. That is the job of parents. I almost got into a fight one time because a father was forcing his son, 6-7 years old to beg for money and it was past 10pm. And that is not even an isolated case. How many children will have to suffer because of these irresponsible parents?

          And how many children will suffer because of people who justify the irresponsibilities of these parents? These parents have a choice, their children don’t. Think about that.

  47. matagal ko nang sinasabing bulok na ang sistema ng UP…
    nakakalungkot isipin, naging Iskolar rin ako ng Bayan.
    Pero hindi na ito tulad noon na ‘pag sinabi mong UP, eskwelahan ng mahihirap, kung iisipin, mas marami nang mga burgis at mayayaman na nag-aaral dito. Hindi mo rin naman masisisi, sa kadahilanang mas may ‘access’ sila sa magaganda at maayos na edukasyon grade school at high school pa lamang.

    Pero hindi maitatatwa na ang UP noon na paaralan kung saan maging ang mahihirap ay may pag-asang umangat ng higit pa, ay ibang iba na ngayon.

    Hindi ba’t sinasalamin lamang ng pangyayaring ito kung gaano na kalayo ang UP ngayon sa UP noon? oo, kilala ang UP sa pang-akademikong kagalingan, at sa paghulma ng mga matatalinong estudyante, at mga estudyanteng kumakalaban sa mga maling pamamalakad, pero kilala rin ito bilang eskwelahan ng mga mahihirap, ‘social equalizer’ ika nga.

    Ang pangit lang isipin, na buhay pa ng isang estudyante ang kailangan bago magising ang mga taong nagpapalakad dito.

    On another news: UPD, hawak na ng Ayala.

    • Ferdinand R. Cordero

      Reaction to the statement: “Another news. UPD hawak na ng Ayala”. What do you mean? Is this really news, or just gossip?

  48. […] *‘Unable to pay tuition, UPM freshie commits suicide’ **VAT = Value Added […]

  49. Nung pinanganak ako medyo may kaya kami, tatlo kaming magkakapatid at kaya ng magulang ko ibigay ang luho namin pero ng pumutok ang bulkan sa aming probinsya, nawala halos lahat, pati kabuhayan ng magulang namin. Ginawa ni papa ang lahat pati na mag abroad pero di pa rin sapat para sa maliit naming pamilya.. Mahirap kasing magsimula muli sa wala lalo nat may tatlong pinapakaing anak. Pagdating sa kolehiyo, dalawa kaming magkapatid ang sabay na pinagaaral sa siyudad…sa UP diliman… May mga panahong inuutang nalang ni mama pang tuition namin kase hindi talaga aabot ang kita ni papa… Masasabi bang iresponsable ang mga magulang ko? May panahon kase talaga na kahit anong kayod ng magulang ay di pa rin sapat upang tustusan ang pangarap ng anak, maging payak man ito. Masakit para sa akin na makabasa ng mga komento na iresponsable daw ang mga magulang lalo nat hindi naman kumpleto ang kwento. Ang buhay kasi ng tao ay iba iba naman , hindi dahil 5 ang kapatid mo at mahirap lang kayo ay may kasalanan na agad ang magulang. May mga pangyayari na hindi kase maiiwasan o agad agad ng massosolusyunan. Sang ayon ako sa ibangtao sa thread na ito, na kailangan mong mapagdaanan ang hirapm bago maintindihan ng lubusan. Naniniwala ako sa pagsisikap at pagpaplano pero harapin na natin ang totoo… Minsan napakahirap lang talagang umangat at umasenso lalo na kung kulang ang oportunidad para makamit ito

    • Sorry to disagree about the need to experience hardship before you understand it. We have tons of written records on various sad events that occurred in the past. As it is written, those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

      Your future will always depend on what you do today or what you have done in the past. Your parents even as they were doing well back then as you said opted to have just 3 children. Some people even as they cannot feed themselves opted to have more why? Those children are now on the streets begging, working for their lazy and worthless parents seen it myself, experienced it everyday. I don’t have to experience it to understand how irresponsible those people are. And they have the guts to blame the government for their flight.

      My parents parents have decent jobs but they decided to stop at three. Despite the hardships we all finished college. I have a better job than now but I decided to stop at two, because I want less hardship for my children. I am teaching my children the same.

      Lack of opportunity is not an excuse, in life you have to find your own. My father had little opportunity, he moved and found his own. I did the same, it did not come easy but it can be done. There is always a way, until you stop and accept that being poor is all you’ll ever be, and if you put yourself in situation where it will be more difficult to get out from it.

  50. @mb : given that they became irresponsible to bear 4 or 5 children, can we just deal with the situation right now,, ano po ba gusto mo, ipagdidikan na madaming iresponsableng tao sa pilipinas ” anak ng anak hindi naman kayang buhayin” — I get that, everyone knows that there are a lot of people who became so irresponsible to have children more than they can afford to have. Ano gusto mo ba mangyari – patayin na lang ang mga sobrang anak– kasi eto na’ nandito na sila sa mundo – puede pb natin silang isauli sa sinapupunan ng magulang nila- hindi na. May point ka naman , kaya lang para sabihin yan sa mga magulang pagkatapos mag-anak ng sampo– pointless na po. Let’s see what we can do, and let other do what we can’t … that’s life, that’s reality … kaya ko gustong maging iskolar kasi wala akong pam paaral, kasalanan ko po ba yun,, sisihin ko ba ang mga magulang ko para dun– hindi nmn nila alam na magkakaganito, ginagawa nmn nila lahat para magampanan ang pagiging magulang. Kaya ko pa ba silang sumbatan kahit pinapakain nila ako araw araw. Sisihin ko pa ba sila kahit alam kong hirap na hirap sila. Yan ba ang point mo. ANG LALIM NG TALINGHAGA AY WALA SA HIRAP NG MGA SALITA KUNDI SA BABAW NG PAG- UNAWA” SANA MAUNAWAAN MO PO.

    • I get that and at the same time I am also saying we cannot put the blame on another institution and even the government.

      And people are so used in dealing with the situation as it happens but never stop to think on how to deal with it before it happens.

      To solve the 90M population of the country people have to be proactive and not just react to tragedies. Let’s supprt the government’s program in responsible parenthood and avoid those who cry against it! Where are they now by the way. Will they take care of these poor kids?

    • And like I said children have no choice, if your parents are poor if you are brought into this world. If you are the only child I would understand we all want children one way or another. But if your parent remain poor and brought more children into this world then the understanding diminishes, because they never thought about that second or third or fourth or even more. They had fun doing it and never thought about what hardship they will put their children through in that case, yes you can blame them.

      And to your point they do not know what the future holds, then why risk the life of a child?

      I am sorry if I have more sympathy to the children than the parents as I said, children had no choice, parents do.

      You want a solution, eliminating the children already here is never one of them. But both parents can make sure they never have another child they can’t take care of.

  51. “Nahihiya pa nga siya sa mga kaklase niya na kailangan niyang mag-file ng LOA at magtrabaho para makaipon ng pambayad ng tuition sa June.”

    – bakit siya mahihiya magpart time work while studying? anong masama sa pagtatrabaho habang nag-aaral? anong kahiya hiya dun? unless me status-quo complex din sya.

    • I agree, children in this country often work in the summer to have extra money when they go back to the university and some have a part-time job to support their studies as well.

  52. we all have problems. i cannot make any assumptions/presumptions as to the mental stability or instability of any person. it is just sad that what made her depressed was losing her dream to finish her studies in a university that i have fallen in love with and still love for what it has given me. Life was hard in UPD. i studied and worked at the same time.

    the right clamor should be an increase in the budget for UP. check out the budget for UP before the year 2000. it has been slashed to ribbons in 2000. UP could not rate as high as the IQs of its students in Asia since the grades it received in cases of provision of money for the University from the government is so low. it is so sad to know that we only give so little to feed the bright minds of our country and see our senators give bonuses to their fellow senators. the STFAP revision came in after the budget cuts began.

    to the family, my condolences, i cannot even begin to imagine the loss that you are feeling now.

  53. […] networks sourced their reports on the incident from the student newspapers Manila Collegian and Philippine Collegian, both of which attributed the suicide of the student to her failure to enroll because of financial […]

  54. MB ang point kase dito ay hindi naman yung snasabi naming wala nalang gawin at umasa sa gubyerno… Nakatapos din ako ng pag aaral, nagsikap din ako para magkaroon ng magandang trabaho at kumikita ako ng malaking halaga sa bawat buwan… pero hindi dahil maganda ang katayuan ko ngayon at pinagpala ako sa aking mga naging desisyon sa aking buhay eh may karapatan na akong manghusga. Hindi lang ako sangayon na agad mong hinusgahan ang magulang ni kristel tejada eh hindi mo nman sila kilala…Magkapitbahay ba kayo? O kaya naman updated ka ba sa problema nila sa araw araw? Huwag sanang lahatin ang mga sitwasyon.hindi sapat na sasabihin mong marami kang nabasang history lesson at ideklara na naiintindihan mo na kase klarong klaro sa iyong mga pa- intelektwal na hirit na HINDI mo naiintindihan ang sitwasyon… Payo ko lumabas ka kaya, pumunta ka sa malate, sa remedios circle, makipagkwentuhan ka sa mga natutulog sa kalsada, sa mga taxi driver at maiintindihan mo…Wag kang magbulagbulagan na walang kasalanan ang gubyerno, kasi meron. May mga bansang mas mahirap pa sa atin na libre ang edukasyon at pagamutan … At DAPAT lang na sisihin ang gubyerno kase kung yung buwis na ibinabayad ay hindi binubulsa edi nababawasan sana ang mga problema… Ibig bang sabihin nito ay umasa nalang sa gubyerno? HINDI ! Oo dapat magsikap, dapat humanap ng sariling oportunidad pero huwag bigyan ng “easy way out” ang gubyerno kase kaya nga sila nandyan para gawin ang trabaho nila. Hindi ako aktibista o anuman , ni hindi ako umatend ng kahit isang rally nung nasa UP ako pero bukas ang aking mga mata para harapin na may mali sa sistema … At OO kailangan mong maranasan maghirap o makihalubilo man lang sa mga naghihirap kase kung hindi mananatili kalang sa iyong “middle class” mentality na balewalain ang kakulangan ng gobyerno dahil ikaw naman ay nakagawa ng paraan at nagsisikap- napakamakasarili kase nung midset na ganun eh (oo hinuhusgahan kita)

    • Whether i know this family or not is irrelevant. Am I suppose to believe that they use to earn enough to support those five children? Do you how much it requires to support a family of five?

      Go out? See youre doing the same thing do you have any idea how old I am? I used to live in a squatters area in Tambunting. I see these day in and day out. These people are the ones who would go rallies complaint about the government yet keeps on producing children like they were puppies.

      Education is free up to highschool but do they send their children? Yeah some of them do but the rest sends their children to peddle, to beg for money..

      Middleclass mentality? Why because my eyes are wide awake that there so many irresponsible people who doesn’t even have the right direction to be called parents and there people who support them?

      I will say it again, this is about parenthood, what I am hearing are excuses why they can’t be responsible and those who defend why those people are irresponsible. It has to stop, children should not suffer anymore.

      • Binabase ko lang naman ang komento ko sa mga naunang sagot mo, ang sabi mo kanina nabasa mo lang, ngayon taga squatter ka pala… Oo hinuhusgahan kita base sa mga sinabi mo at hindi ko kailangang malamn kung ilang taon ka na para makarating sa isang opinyon kung anong klaseng pag iisip meron ka… Bakit? Kase klaro naman sa mga sagot mo. Napakalayo nito sa panghuhusgang ginawa mo tungkol sa magulang nung pumanaw na hindi mo naman kilala o nakausap man lang. Relevant yon kase publiko kang nagbibigay ng opinyon na wala man lang respeto. At least ako mababasa ng lahat na may basehan ang panghuhusga ko sayo. Gayunpaman , congratulations nalang sayo at taos puso kong panalangin na hindi mo o ng mga anak mo maranasan ang dinanas ng pamilyang ito

        • Read what? And yeah I lived in a squatter area, but I never asked from the government, never blamed the school, I studied worked hard and now I don’t even live in PI anymore. What kind of thinking do I have? A thinking that cares more on the children who had no choice when they were brought up to this world.

          Sorry if I have no sympathy to irresponsible parents. That’s why PI is overpopulated, that’s why there are so many people with no jobs, that’s why there’s so many children begging in the street, that’s why children are dying hungry, that’s why under the bridges you’ll see infants sleeping day and night under the influence of drug or alcohol on the hands on another woman begging, and that’s why these people are blaming the government, that’s why a young student killed herself. Because two people did not think it through before they made children, before they made lots of them.

          And with your support this will continue, the suffering of these children will continue. You think it’s disrespect to point out irresponsibility? Tell that to those children on the street, tell them why at the age of 5 they had to beg, without pants, tell them why they had to sleep hungry or find food in a pile of garbage. Tell them why they had to snatch and rob from somebody to feed themselves.

          And I will say it again, it is irresponsible to bring into this world children when you can’t even feed yourself. And it’s even worst when you keep bringing in more. You might not agree with it but that’s my opinion whether I say it in public or not, last time I heard there’s still freedom of speech or you have an issue with that as well?

          • i’ll say this in english as you seem to have a hard time understanding what i’ve been saying over and over. i don’t have a problem at all with family planning nor do i support irresponsibility. i have an issue with you jumping into conclusions regarding this particular family and thinking that just because you in particular chose to ignore the responsibility of the Philippine government to do its job, then everyone else should do the same and just let these trapos get on with their thieving ways. it is not disrespect to point out irresponsibility but it is certainly disrespectful to point a finger and accuse the parents of this girl you don’t even know and are obviously hurting.

            i also don’t have a problem with you expressing your opinion, but if you have the right to say it publicly in a forum then i would exercise mine to challenge and debate.

          • just curious how long you’ve been out of the philippines? because who today still calls the philippines PI ???? the only ones i know are my aunts living in the US who’s been there for like 30 years!

            • We call United States US, Canada CA, Australia AU do I need to go on. Been away long enough but evrytime I comeback for a visit I see the situation getting worst. PI’s population is now more than 94m it’s around 80m when left. And even there are still those who fights the government’s program for population control. For responsible parenthood.

              So what does it matter what I call PI would that change the fact that the irresponsibility continues on and on? The fact that more children are going hungry, dying, becoming criminals?

              Who’s responsible for this uncontrolled growth and increase in poverty? Were these people forced to make children?

              • Thank you. I asked because i guessed as much you’ve been out of the country for such a long time as no one who actually lives in the Philippines call it PI anymore. Wouldnt be surprise if you’re republican too and voted for Romney

                • Thank you. I asked because i guessed as much you’ve been out of the country for such a long time as no one who actually lives in the Philippines call it PI anymore. Wouldnt be surprised if you’re republican too and voted for Romney

                  • We’ll I don’t live in there anymore, not for a long time.
                    I don’t like Romney, I like Obama, though I don’t agree will all his policies. And I don’t live in the US either.

                    • Ferdinand R. Cordero

                      To MB and Mapagmasid: Pareho kayong tama, pareho kayong magaling sa inyong pangangatwiran. Ang problema ninyo lang, para kayong nagbabanggaan!

              • Eh wala ka naman pala dito weh,, pano mo kami maiintindihan. – ni hindi ka pala nakakaranas ng usok ng edsa.. kung magsalita ka parang alam mo at kontrolado mo ang lahat, at parang kung magsalita eh ganun ganun na lang…haiszt.. walang kwentang makipag usap sayo…

                • What is there to understand? Why you would want to have a lot of children when you can’t support them? If so, then yes you are talking to the wrong person. I would never support irresponsible parents nor I would choose to understand them.

                  • What is there to understand? The socio- anthropogical society of this country infused with the morality and socio- behavioral norms of individual living in a diverse 3rd world country hungered with economic growth and a sustainable development. Brought about by who, what, and factors unforeseen since you’renot living inside the circle where we are— sabi ng isang matalinong pilosopo ” hindi mo tuluyang mauunawaan ang isang bagay kung titingnan mo mula sa kalayuan”

                    • Hungere with economic growth and sustainable development! Good and while waiting what to do? Have more and more children? Hope that one day things would get better and you’ll be able to support them?

                      Unforseen? What is unforseen? If a person cannot forsee the hardship that his children will experience because they are living in a 3rd world country and he does not have enough money to support them then that is irresponsibility.

                      Morality? What is immoral to being a responsible parent?
                      You live in a country 33 times smaller than where I am, and yet the population is 3x more. So what is there to understand? That 3rd world countries should have more population so they can keep themselves poor and would ask others to understand their situation because they are not living there?

          • I like your way of thinking, MB.
            I agree that “it’s even [worse] when [they] keep bringing in more…”

            It has always been a mystery to me why they remain blindly irresponsible. It doesn’t make any sense.

            I guess it has something to do with how one part of the mind is programmed to be drawn to the good side of marriage and parenthood while ignorantly underestimating their negative consequences–just like taking a big loan for an Ipad that cannot be paid or for a “promising” business that will lead to bankruptcy.

            Another possible explanation is that they believe that their children will be their hope for a better future. They then “selflessly” work hard for their children and at the same time imposing expectations that they SHOULD study hard, SHOULD work hard to help the family rise from poverty. Afterall, they sacrificed so much for their children. They’re their only hope.

            But how can this problem be mitigated? How can they be a little bit more reflective? How can we reduce the suffering they are inflicting on their children? What can we do now?

            • Zeke,

              You are correct, there so many who thinks having more children means having more chances that one of them might bring them out of poverty and there are those who use them as their own labor force.

              I find both absolutely irresponsible and selfish.

              I believe the government is on the right track on the population control.

              In addition I believe the ability to have more children should be taken out from people who has shown irresponsibility. But wait what if they win the LOTTO one day? What if they become successful one day? My answer would be, are we willing to take those chance? How many children would suffer before one family find that success, and even at that what are the chances? What is the ratio of that happening? Is it significant enough to put more children in a horrific life?

              The church would definitely go against this, so to them I would say, IF they refuse to teach responsibility to these people to prevent them from having children they cannot take care of, then the church should pledge that they will take care of those children and ensure there is a better future for them. They have the money, the church has paid more than $US3Billlion in settlement in the US alone to prevent pedophile and abusive priest from going to jail. Surely they can take care of these children.

  55. […] The student was the eldest among five siblings. Her father is a part-time taxi driver while her mother is a housewife. She was assigned by the university administration under Bracket D of the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP). […]

    • The first two statements are the saddest part of this entire thing. Five children with only the father working and top it all, it’s a part-time job.

  56. “UCLA’s mind blowing ideas for the poor girl to pay the tuition fee”

    1. Loan 1k each from 20 different classmate/professors and friends
    2. Prostitution = she would need to sell her morality to approx 13 men.
    3. Peddling Drugs – instant for sure if she doesnt get caught
    4. Get a DOM – she’ll be sex slave
    5. Loan from loan sharks – this can take more that what is given
    6. Pawn their property to a bank with absurd % interest rate she’ll be back there in no time.

    So here are your options that you suggest that she’ll do? What a joke! UCLA you must be out of your mind narrowing it down to these. You can do better than that, your sarcasm with your reasoning won’t help. Maybe, these are things that you’ll do if you were her but simply you’re not. Move on and get a life.

    • My goodness, Tres. Clearly you did NOT get UCLA’s sarcasm. I couldn’t think of a more brilliant reply to your ignorant comment about how people who commit suicide “don’t handle the situation intelligently” and implying that you know better without being in Kristel’s shoes.

  57. eme kanan to the power of x raised to 2

  58. @Ferdinand C. – It is sad that some people doesn’t seem to get the point. When I was living there I wrote letters to the Senate for population control. It pains me to see these children on the street. I got into trouble one time because I intervened when a father was hitting his child in the head because the boy was too sleepy and tired to beg for money. That is not the life of a child! But who will tell him otherwise?

    And it pain me even more when anyone else would justify this situation. When I am told I don’t understand. Understand what? That the children have to suffer? That the parents have the right to make them suffer because of their situation. 94M and people are still fighting against population control.

    • I would just like to point that — you may probably correct to push for resposible parenting– but I want you to realize that the situation is already here, we can’t just live ranting and pointing at these parents and saying these are your faults– I dunno if your a parent as well but being blame for things like this –hindi naman po makatwiran– another– tama ka na palaganaoin ang responsible parenting, but just so you realized we can no longer size down the population — ayoko lng naman na naninisi ka pa ng mga magulang — eh nandito na yan ang tangi nalang magagawa ay hanapan ng solusyon– wag na silang sisihin– educate the youth about population– and educate parents — but please we are already eating mud just for us to provide for our children if that’s not enough — then just point a gun at us.

      • Yet people are blaming the school, some the goverment and not looking at the root cause. The irresponsible parents. If we don’t recognize the problem how are going to deal with it? And that is my point, start where the problem begins. It’s not the school nor the government but a choice by two people, to go to bed have sex and have a baby. And their choice to have more despite their condition which makes it difficult for them so support even just one.

        The truth is not the sweetest thing, but accepting it is the start of a change. Continue to mask it and it will go on an on. Which is what is happening to the PH. Like I said 14million people added since I was there last. Was there any learning? Each time there’s a tragedy the same discussion appears. And more people ask for understanding for the situation for the people etc. And what solution did that understanding bring 14M more in population?

        Do I blame parents who keeps on having children when they cannot support them? YES! Will a tragedy such as this change my view No. It only reaffirms the effects of their irresponsibility, no one else to blame but them. And No this is not God’s will, it’s the work of irresponsible men.

        • Suicide is a matter of choice, especially if the victim is a UP student. But this is not to say that i have nothing to say against U.P. Manila. See my post below on what is legal (not releasing grades of students who did not pay their tuition) and illegal (disallowing any student who has not paid the tuition to take the exam).

  59. […] hemmafru. Universitetets administration hade tilldelat henne kategorin D i enlighet med programmet Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP) [en], som är avsett att hjälpa studenter […]

  60. sana naman malinawan na ang lahat ng tao sa Pilipinas na kailangan ding magkaroon ng eduksyon ang mahihirap. Ihinto na ang malalang kurapsyon sa mga State Universities. mga opisyal ng mga UP schools, alisin niyo na ang mga batas ninyong masayadong nagpapahirap sa mga mahihirap na estudyante, babaan niyo naman ang matrikula ninyo. Magkaroon naman kayo ng awa sa mga mahihirap na nagnanais magaral. sa gingawa ninyong pagtaas ng matrikula na umabot hanggan langit ay mas lalo ninyong pinalabo ang pagkamit sa reporma.

  61. […] freshman at the [[University of the Philippines]] Manila committed suicide early Friday morning as she was reportedly forced to take a leave of absence for her failure to pay […]

  62. No, Got it clear like Crystal. It’s not an ignorant comment otherwise it won’t catch your attention. I don’t have to be in Kristel Shoes to know that do and on or not I would still say that she did it the wrong way. But Okay fine, ill take it from your words, she did what’s best for her. Happy Now?

  63. Let this be a lesson to the young or old. Never be defeated by a failure but strive and prove we are are capable to be successful in other means. There will always be a solution. Let Him decide when we should put to rest and not by ourselves.We live to conquer all obstacles because we all given the will to struggle.

  64. […] dona de casa. Ela havia sido admitida pela administração da Universidade através do suporte D do Ensino Socializado e Programa de Assistência Financeira (STFAP, sigla em inglês). A Universidade de Filipinas (UP) implementou uma política de “proibição de pagamento […]

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