NOWHERE MAN: A temporary escape

(This article was first published in print in issue 8 of the Philippine Collegian on 7 August 2013.)

by Alan P. Tuazon

After the dreaded week-long presswork, I promised myself resolutions which I know I would eventually dismiss.

I told myself and the entire office that I would quit smoking however hard it was to fill the emptiness that only you and a packet of Marlboros can suffice. My lungs were in an unpretty shape based on the last check up I had. I also forced myself and the rest to stop buying food from the clown and the bee. It alarmed me at the normalcy of having at least four to five fast food deliveries each presswork night.

Another thing I promised myself was to avail the escape travel bag I prepared at the office two weeks ago. It was a fantasy, yes, to plan escaping from reality in the middle of the week to a province I never visited before. The bag was a summary of my life. All it needed was for me to actually use it.

Inside it was a Kit Kat bar, my black moleskin journal and Gtech pens; two shirts I received from an anonymous Kris Kringle last year; Canon DSLR with prime 50mm f/1.8 lens; my seven year old iPod containing music from the 90s and below, mostly from the 60s which I consider to be the greatest era in music history; my tattered wallet containing all the cards of my life (ATMs, debit, Fully  Booked and SM advantage cards, my press, student, my voter’s, and driver’s ID), a picture  of the first girl I kissed, a few receipts, a fresh “rubber,” and a rosary I never used; my condo and car keys; an infamous Jack Kerouac book; and a lighter with an empty pack of Marlboro. I did not include a mobile phone in the bag.

The escape bag waits, unused. One of these days, I would pick it up to temporarily escape from this mess of a reality for a day or two. Maybe I could share it with someone else who would want to escape with me. 

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  1. Really Kule, you let self-indulgent twits like this guy here write for you? The pretentiousness in this pseudo-essay makes me puke. Next year, get a better editor and kick deadbeat “moleskin-moleskin” writers like him out to the curb. Nakakahiya kayo.

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